February 4, 2010

OKAY, here comes February! The first month of 2010 has passed so quickly. What have I done so far? Not much. In the mid of January, I decided to start writing my blog again in Feb. (as a new start !) cause I wanna write what I see, I hear and I think about fashion, my life, music, anything I'm interested in. :) I don't want to miss anything. Btw, I'm a rookie of writing sth about fashion. A lot of things are waiting for me to learn.

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."

I realize I am totally a black buff because all the things I bought lately are black. (Actually one is white :P) Sometimes I wanted to try to wear other colors like pink, yellow or blue etc. but they don't suit me. Especially when I'm wearing pink, it looks so weird on me !

When spring / summer comes, models wearing vivid colors are walking on the runways. Also, people always say it's time to wear something colorful, because it's dull and stupid to wear black clothes under the sun as it absorbs heat. Yea they're pretty right.. and vivid colors do give people feelings of full of energy n fresh. Winter therefore is a perfect excuse for me to wear them. Maybe I'll try something different in this spring n summer. :) Anyway, I love black, and I think it's the coolest color on the Earth.

love, TANYA

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