July 8, 2010

Miu Miu F/W 2010/11 Campaign

via Prada.com

Floral.. Candy colors make-up.. The designers were trying to put something from S/S into F/W?

July 7, 2010

Louis Vuitton Tattoo

via Elle HK, style.com

In the fashion world tattoos act like an accessory to a outfit. They're used to enrich the looks. After Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel, Marc Jacob also brought this special accessory to his models in Louis Vuitton Men S/S 2011 fashion show, which were designed by Scott Campbell. I guess having tattoos on your body is becoming a new fashion trend, and I do think it's pretty cool. However I'm not gutsy enough to have one as it's permanent! Better to use the temporary one :) and I would like to have it on shoulder/ankle/pelvis.

Btw, I think the model in the first picture looks like a vampire :P

July 6, 2010

Burberry Digitally Interactive AW10 Campaign

The campaign is finally out. I was really amazed by Christopher when I was watching this Fall show. As they did the show in 3D, the campaign also included the 3D effect. Go to Burberry to interact with the images!

Hear what Christopher says.

Also you can see the cast in the campaign.

June 9, 2010

A Sunday spent with my BFF

On Sunday, me and my BFF Jann. were so bored that we decided to go to Stanley to have fun. For the outfit I finally could wear the dress that I had bought from the Garden Collection of H&M 2 months ago! To match the color of the dress, I carried my new purchase - the red bag. I also added a hat, so that the look would be more suitable for a walk outdoors.

Tanya L.

June 4, 2010

A Night on a Cruise Ship

Thanks to my friend, who works in a cruise ship company, bringing me to have a one night trip with her. If you have stayed on the ship before, you must know that it actually is quite boring, unless you go there for gambling. So why was I so excited why I could spend a night on it? The reason is I loved cruise ships after watching Titanic when I was a kid. I love its white body; I love watching the sea view from it; I love looking at the starry sky on it. It's such a romantic place!

We put our stuff down in the room after boarding the ship. Then we walked around and took pictures. The scenery there was great, especially at night. We had Thai buffet as our dinner (I love Thai food a lot), but it tasted so-so. Later we went to the casino to have a look. We wanted to play but we didn’t, because it's HK$100 for 1 bet... I don't have guts, haha. After shower we had a neck-and-shoulder massage for 30mins. I felt painful in fact. lol Then we explored the ship again and found a great place to watch the starry sky (it really was full of stars)! All I could say was WOW. It was way too amazing! I miss the scenery so much :(


May 12, 2010

Remember Me

Here is Karl Lagerfeld's new short flim, Remember Me. (Chanel Cruise 2010)

April 20, 2010

Rouge COCO

Rouge Coco
A new modern classic lipstick

'What a day for a daydream and boy' :D

This commercial really brings to life the fantasy of using Rouge Coco. I love it so much. The setting in the ad is so elegant; The music is good; She was singing and wearing the lipstick; The beauty of Vanessa Paradis was totally transpired. She looks gorgeous and seductive (it's also because of her beautiful top!). I've a Dior Addict lipstick (color: 367 video rose) but I seldom use it. Maybe it's too mature for me to wear lipstick? I don't know. Usually I use a lipgloss from Chanel instead. But after watching this ad, I think I really should go buy one! Back to lipstick times! Let's hear what the creative director Peter Philips says.

'You make yourself look different. You make yourself stand out. Your whole attitude changes, because you eat different; you kiss different; you talk different. You become more feminine if you wear lipstick.'


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