June 4, 2010

A Night on a Cruise Ship

Thanks to my friend, who works in a cruise ship company, bringing me to have a one night trip with her. If you have stayed on the ship before, you must know that it actually is quite boring, unless you go there for gambling. So why was I so excited why I could spend a night on it? The reason is I loved cruise ships after watching Titanic when I was a kid. I love its white body; I love watching the sea view from it; I love looking at the starry sky on it. It's such a romantic place!

We put our stuff down in the room after boarding the ship. Then we walked around and took pictures. The scenery there was great, especially at night. We had Thai buffet as our dinner (I love Thai food a lot), but it tasted so-so. Later we went to the casino to have a look. We wanted to play but we didn’t, because it's HK$100 for 1 bet... I don't have guts, haha. After shower we had a neck-and-shoulder massage for 30mins. I felt painful in fact. lol Then we explored the ship again and found a great place to watch the starry sky (it really was full of stars)! All I could say was WOW. It was way too amazing! I miss the scenery so much :(


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  1. wow lucky you!!! nice pics!!! and great blog!

    check out mine when uve got some time.
    xoxo jenna


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