February 3, 2011

Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year! Rabbits are found everywhere in the CNY's Eve flower markets (FYI: There are not only flowers in Chinese flower markets, which you can buy something else), because this year is the year of the Rabbit. How cute! 

Today's outfit (it's yesterday's outfit actually, I was going to Disneyland :D as you can see from the mickey's window) is about having something red on me. Red in Chinese culture means good fortune. Also, Chinese people believe red could bring you luck. So I wore the red knitwear which I've bought lately in H&M. In fashion world, red is a color that can make you stand out from the crowd or look chic, so don't be shy and wear more red. Red coat, red dress, or red shirt... whatever is red! I believe everyone could carry such a lovely color. To match red for your outfit, I think black or white could be the best color. Lately I was trying to find a pair of red jeans, but I found it was quite hard. I bet it's because of the season, which dark colors (jeans) are more popular. Can't wait for Spring/Summer to come!

Pictures from yesterday

Best wishes,
Tanya L.

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  1. haha loved the first photo, looks funny.. and I love the red too.. it's my favorite color and I often wear a killer red dress on special ocassions such as my birthday.. cool blog.. take care... I miss Dinseyland!


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