April 2, 2010

Making something like a fashion magazine

This is one of the pages I designed for an assignment, a newsletter including many sections, of a course called Desktop Publishing. I finished it by using InDesign and Photoshop. The title was TOP TEN OF SPRING/SUMMER 2010. The layout is very simple and doesn't look very good (okay, I feel a bit embarrassed). But I think I could do better if I had more time. In the page I used a floral picture to be its background, which is one of the essentials of this spring (as I said before).

It was my first time to make something like a magazine. I have to admit that I enjoyed it. And I found that I actually am interested in this aspect. Maybe I would find a job of this kind after graduation. It would be fabulous if my job is related to fashion (which means I wanna work in fashion industry). I hope someday I'll become more professional.

Yesterday I used the YSL Manifesto tote bag (1st time). I felt good. Why? Because it was so convenient that I could just throw all the things I needed into the bag; I love its casualness. And it matches my outfit. I think I'm gonna use it for awhile.

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  1. that page is cool

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